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COVID-19 Response

Along with other churches in the community, we will be ringing the church bell every day at noon to remind all who can hear that the church is still active, engaging, and here for our community.

We are aware that COVID-19 has caused concern and anxiety in most of our community.  Currently, our services and devotionals are only available online.  We have partnered with Pastor Connor of the Hillsdale United Methodist Church to bring a collaborative spirit to these messages.

Do you need prayer?  Please let us know how we can pray for you!  All prayers will be kept in confidence by the pastors unless otherwise notified.  Our church's desire is to assist where we can during this pandemic and help you where we can.  Please reach out to us with any comments or questions around a video or blog post, or how we can assist you at this time.

Re-Entry Plan

Download Bishop Beard’s Illinois Great Rivers Conference Guidance on Safely Gathering to learn more about the re-entry plan.

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