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The Stones Would Cry Out

These last few weeks leading up to Palm Sunday I’ve been thinking about Luke’s passage of Jesus’s entry to Jerusalem, where after being chastised by the Pharisees for the disciples hollering, Jesus says “Truly I tell you, if they were silent, then the stones would cry out.”

For me, those words are this beautiful reminder that this week, Holy Week, is going to happen no matter what. If your “Hosanna” yesterday was weak or silent. If your tears can’t come Friday because you’ve cried them all. If on Sunday, your voice cracks or quakes with “Alleluia,” Resurrection will happen. It’s a promise. We choose to participate in our story, but it happens either way because it’s God’s way in the world.

Sometimes we’re feeling it, and if we’re honest, other times we’re not and we’re confused and scared and doubt. God invites us, wherever we’re at, wholeheartedly over and over again. Resurrection happens no matter what- that’s the story.

I pray you’re “feeling it…”

And that if you can’t go there right now…if you can’t yell Alleluia, or enter Holy Week as deeply as you’d like, If you can’t celebrate with your whole being, I pray you can quietly affirm that resurrection is a promise…

And that if you can’t go there right now, I pray you can see and feel glimpses of holy week and resurrection that is happening in you, in your life, in your being, your people, in our communities, in our society…

And if you can’t go there right now, I pray that you know God loves you fiercely and deeply, is with you in your fear and doubt and grief…

And if you can’t go there right now, the stones will still cry out, the curtain will be torn, the stone rolled away, and resurrection will still happen. And God is perpetually holding the door, sending the evite, checking in on you and it will be okay- more than okay.

Jess Davenport Director, Wesley Campus Ministry, Western Michigan University, Copyrighted with permission

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